In Loving Memory of Franky
... the snuggling kitty:


Franky you will be missed a lot.
I'm still in shock that you are gone.
I can only say that in that short moment of time that you were here,
I found someone who made me feel loved.

You were definitely a mess ...
You were loud
You pooped and sprayed almost everywhere
You puked quite a bit too
You'd sneak in and out of every room (to make a mess :D )
Yet ... your love out shined all

I will miss you.
I will miss the chronic snuggling
I will miss the original biscuit chef
I will miss your darling kitten face
I will miss your purr

You were awesome
You were full of energy ...
You made me laugh...
You made me Love

I will miss you.
You were brave I could let you outside and you'd come back to me
I could trust you.

I will miss you.
May you dance around the clouds in Heaven
May you chase the squirrels, climb the trees and share dinner with possums
May you enjoy the most extravagant cuts of bacon
May you eat the crunchiest chicken skins

You will be loved and remembered and most of all missed.

Kalisi!!! May you shine for all to see ... fly high my Dragon!!!
All you wanted to do was cuddle

The stars that shine twice as bright .... burn half as long.
In your case you were 10 times bright!!!!
I am greatful I had a chance to know you.
You will be missed my beloved Kalisi!! (a.k.a Franky)